Book 1- Changing Times, Prologue


In the beginning, mankind and its many gods had a working relationship. Man would provide worship, and armies of faith, and the gods would provide power and protection from the monsters humans could never hope to kill. However, something strange happened to both the gods and the monsters. They disappeared.

Now, this was not an unusual occurrence. The gods had disappeared before, and so had the monsters. However, these absences were always rather short, usually happening due to the birth of a strong monster or a new godling. Whatever the reason these disappearances had encouraging them before, they almost never happened at the same time. When the monsters would be away on these trips, which almost always lasted no more than a year or two, the humans would use this chance to get in some research or training that required little to no battles to further, such as agricultural advances, or letting the soldiers gain a better education than what they had before the peace times.

In contrast, the gods’ disappearance would spell a disaster greater than any other before it. For when the gods would leave, the strongest of the monsters were free to do as they pleased with those pitiful men who would dare the cross their paths. The monster hordes, no longer suppressed by man’s gods, would grow to unimaginable sizes, causing earthquakes wherever they chose to march, tornadoes wherever they chose to fly, and tsunamis wherever they chose to swim.

Thus, when the monsters disappeared, for they were the first to make their final disappearance, man celebrated! He rejoiced, for nothing about the absence of the monsters made any man suspicious, or fearful. Instead, it gave them hope, for any temporary exodus in the past had always granted man a large amount of benefits, whether these benefits were a stronger overall population, more domestic technologies, trump cards, or population growth, all of these were brought by the withdrawal of the monsters.

However, after an unspecified amount of time had passed from the monsters withdrawal, the gods also left the world of man, never to return. After noticing this absence, man grew worried, and decided to focus on increasing their power. However, man noticed that the power that the gods had gifted them was slowly disappearing from their planet weakening them and forcing them to learn new techniques. Man never forgot these beasts or their gods, but slowly, over generations, these records of battles and monsters became myths and legends, mere flights of fantasy. Instead of being used to inform the youth of man on the weaknesses of its oldest and strongest enemies, they were used to teach morals and grow imagination for younger beings.

Most would think this a wondrous result, one that all can benefit from. However, that only holds true if the monsters were to stay in exodus for eternity, which they did not. For man had weakened, despite the thought that technology can do everything, there is a limit for technology. And man will soon see that limit, for no exodus is permanent, and no return is bloodless.

-The message left for man in the temple of the first God of Man, Enki the Flame of Knowledge.